At Fairchance Construction, safety on out job sites is of utmost importance.  Aside from the obvious risk to our personnel, an unsafe job site affects the surrounding community, ours and our client's good names, and the project budget and timeline.  We empower all of our employees to take responsibility and hold each other accountable to ensure a safe work environment. 

In addition to our in house safety personnel and state safety committee, we also employ a safety consultant to reduce risk and provide ongoing training to all employees.

  • All of our management personnel, including superintendents, are OSHA trained
  • Each job is assigned a competent, OSHA trained safety person
  • Routine and random safety audits/inspections are performed on all of our projects
  • All sub-contractors of Fairchance Construction must sign and agree to our safety program as a part of our sub-contract process
  • All of our job sites are tobacco-free workplaces
  • We do pre-employment drug screenings as well as random drug testing to ensure a drug-free workplace

Visit the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) website for more information on OSHA regulations and data related to worker safety.